OCCO the road to success


The way to the top is not easy but the goal of everyone. The OCCO brand is ambitiously paving its way to the top. Through the variety of products from vintage to modern styles and extravagant models as never seen before. OCCO presents itself as "the people´s brand" and underlines this both through the wide range of styles and their high quality standards as well as their affordable prices. 

This concept means that there is a suitable spectacle model for everyone and OCCO presents itself as a brand for the masses. This philosophy is not only found in the different styles of the products but is also reflected in the prices. Quality excellence at an affordable price is the motto of this popular brand. According to the high quality standards of Germany, the brand now operates internationally and is represented across national borders. The company is presented in a multifaceted and wide-ranging manner on social media through its collaboration with many influencers on the Instagram platform (occo.designs). This close collaboration with promoters and other public figures has enabled the brand to grow significantly and make a name for itself. 

Because OCCO is always up to date with the latest trends, the brand does not have to invest long development times for the hottest models but offers them already when other brands are still looking for the trends of the time